"UIHG offering empowerment throught active ownership"

UIHG is a private holding company incorporated in the Belgium with subsidiary companies engaging in related but distinct businesses filling the opportunities brought about by the advancement of Information Technology and high speed data transmission.

The mission of UIHG is to consolidate these subsidiaries into a well-balanced diversified group, offering high quality services, innovative products. The current plan calls for the holding company to facilitate greater management control, technical and R&D transfer as well as oversight.

UIHG has always strived in keeping true to its investment philosophy, that being the concept of “Empowerment” and “Connectivity”. This has been our guiding business principle in regards to sourcing and acquiring cutting edge companies and applications to connecting individuals or companies whose products and services add value to everyday lives.

Over the years UIHG has grown into a global diversified company having interests in varied IT related businesses including digital lending, mobile applications, augmented reality, online video-based advertising network and many more. UIHG business interests are spread over several Asian countries including China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Taiwan and Indonesia.

UIHG will constantly seek to strengthen its position and escalate its revenues. We will unceasingly make additional acquisitions from around the world for continual expansions of UIHG as a diversified multinational corporation.


D-Unwall International Finance Limited (“DUIF”)’s concept of Digital Lending is a form of debt financing which enables individuals or corporate to borrow and lend money via an intermediary through an online platform.

In this distinctively crafted Digital Lending business model, DUIF, a Hong Kong based company is an all-inclusive online lending platform, acting as the intermediary between lenders / investors and borrowers, administering the screening and loan processing up to disbursement and monitoring of loan repayment.

Traditionally, the principle of lending is not a new concept. Since the dawn of time, people have been lending to each other at a pre-agreed rates of return. However, with the advent of the internet and high speed data transfer, P2P lending has evolved into a mainstream contender of the conventional lending by financial institutions. Into this burgeoning market, DUIF is banking on continuing growth in this industry and is strategically placing itself in the high growth region of South East Asia.

DUIF acts as an intermediary for investors with access to the internet around the world and work with lenders who have certified lending licenses (known as Licensed Lenders) in countries that DUIF operates. The Licensed Lenders receive funds from DUIF’s pre-registered investors and extends the loan to borrowers alike. DUIF shall post selective information about both the investors and borrowers on its website for regular screening of both parties, to ensure and promote transparency.

DUIF has formed a formidable partnership with a licensed certified lender in Hong Kong SAR and is led by a team of prominent individuals whom have decades of experience in the industry. Potential borrowers will be screened through TransUnion credit check; the ONLY and largest Credit Report database holder in Hong Kong SAR.


The tourism industry has experienced tremendous growth with the advent of e-commerce and advancement of the aviation transport modes. While the blurring of international borders continues, language remains a major barrier for international travellers.

It is Relatable’s aim to bridge this gap and take translations to a new level where travellers will feel like they can instantaneously understand a new language in the country the have just arrived at.

Relatable is a patent pending mobile app using state of the art technology, nothing short of visual magic in which it brings creative media to life, along with interactive features that help consumers discover, share and interact with brands, products or services. It is the combination of several technologies that work together to bring digital information into visual perception.

Relatable will visually translate the world for travellers and the public as a whole. The app utilizes a mobile device’s camera to scan an image and it will be visually converted into a preselected preferred language or image. Its focus is on applying new technologies to drive high-impact change on how translation is known and supposed to be. Relatable will disrupt the travel industry that we knew and create a new era of tourism where boundaries created by the difference in languages will be a thing of the past.

With continous research and development, Relatable will proceed with its plan to apply this technology in South Korea, Japan and in other countries where tourists are facing similiar language barriers as in China. Ultimately, Realtable will become the “Language of the World” wherever one may be.


Entrepreneurs, in the purest sense, are those who identify a need, any need and fill it. It’s a primordial urge, independent of product, service, industry or market. However, WHERE do entrepreneurs go when they have products or services to offer?

PresEn – Presenting Entrepreneur is a mobile app marketplace that encourages entrepreneurship and effectively illustrates what they have to offer. It is a global online marketplace for any individuals from students, fresh graduates, freelancers, to entrepreneurs to market their products, services or talents by offering a variety of platforms aligned with their interest, passions, hobbies, skills, knowledge and creative ideas.

This application is supported by video-formatted presentations, as users of today are no longer satisfied with just images and words to describe products and services. PresEn’s video based marketplace provides a true to life representation of products and services, giving consumers more information and less misrepresentation. Moreover, it gives entrepreneurs a mode to express their creativity when offering products and services.

Taking advantage of PresEn being a mobile application, users from both ends can offer or source for products and services at anytime, anywhere with great ease.
PresEn is an interactive platform that breaks through all forms of communication barriers and helps reduces misinterpretations to a minimal level. By providing windows of opportunities to the mass society, PresEn marketplace app hopes to inspire entrepreneurs by emulating the increasing enterprises that has successfully monetize their products and services.

Our mission is to build a marketplace that serves as a “Home” to entrepreneurs to market their products and services and at the same time a preferred destination for consumers to shop at.


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